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Anjum Qureshi, PT


Our Expert Anjum Qureshi, PT

Anjum Qureshi graduated from the University of Karachi, Pakistan with a Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy, with a silver medal and distinction in anatomy and physiotherapy treatment in 1983.
For over 13 years Anjum worked in rehabilitation center for a large govt. hospital in Pakistan and also worked for the World Health Organization (WHO) on a polio project. in 2000, Anjum worked her way to clear the New York State physical therapy exam, which provided her with a license to practice in New York State. Throughout the years Anjum has worked in different environment settings such as homecare, hospitals and schools where the treatments given resulted in gaining her patients health. * In 2000
She is also certified by New York State Board of Education and has extensively worked with children to provide better health and rehabilitation.
Rest assured, at Angel Touch Physical Therapy, we deliver the right type of treatment to decrease pain and improve movement so you can live a healthier life and do what you love.